Local Artisans

Art is an important part of human expression both for the artist as well as the viewer. At Sundrees, we embrace that knowledge and are able to offer a lovely selection of locally crafted art from just some of the incredibly talented artists in the Trumansburg area.

We understand just how hard artists work for a living and know how important it is to support them in any way possible, and now we’re providing you with the opportunity to do just that! Time honored craftsmanship and art is essential for any community. It can bring people together, create a community voice, and provide an income to talented individuals. At Sundrees, the local selection of handmade we have to offer is in the form of music, paintings, wood, pottery, jewelry, fiber, iron and so much more.

These beautiful works of art make exceptional gifts or the perfect addition to your home. Whether you are looking for a beautiful handmade necklace or a painting to hang on your wall, you’ll find it at Sundrees.

Next time you’re in Trumansburg, make sure you pop in and explore our incredible range of arts and crafts. Alternatively, call us today at (607) 387-8811

Featured Artist of the Month

Laurel O’Brien

Laurel is a jeweler making handmade jewelry and metal work in Ithaca, NY. The majority of pieces she makes single-handedly, starting with design through to construction and polish!